Before viewing the pages, and due to recent events  there is a need to include this OOC information.  The Heathfield© group has become a private group.  You can find the explanation on the Heathfield web pages (link at the side menu of this page) so that will not be repeated here.   The Quinn Family of Heathfield© was created by me for the Heathfield Writers Group and is copyrighted to me.   As such, it is a castle owned family shared with those writers.   The rules of Heathfield are followed when it comes to the family just as they would be with any group, guild, etc.   A player of one character cannot be forced into a situation with another.   If a child is 'born' to a Quinn family member, and the player involved leaves Heathfield, the child remains with Heathfield and the Quinn family.   If any child outside of Heathfield is said to be part of the Heathfield Quinn family, it is a flagrant lie.  It's a shame that this has to be repeated on these pages, but I want it clearly understood.  There are NO children of the Quinns of Heathfield outside of Heathfield.  And no rancor, maliciousness, envious actions  or ineptitude will change that.

The  Player Known as Cat
(and if you don't like it,
Póg mo thóin)

(Please note. This is a role-playing group. The characters and story do not represent real people.  Neither are claims made on the pictures.  They're just to show what the characters would look like.)

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