Clan Callihan

Originally from County Clare, Ireland, the province of Munster, Tomas Callihan left his home to seek his fortune like so many others.  He traveled for many years until finally making his home in a rough and tumble land that eventually became the Duchy of Montrose.  Carving out a home in a land that was rich in lumber, precious metals and dark soil good for growing grain, he also found a wife.  They were happy together and raised two sons and four daughters.  The son, Ronan, the second eldest, became Duke at a young age, following the accidental death of  his father and mother.  Ronan in turn married a lovely lass named Meira.  He and Meira had four sons and three daughters.  When their youngest was still a child, the Duchess died.  Ronan never remarried again, knowing he would mourn his Rose until his dying day.

After swearing alliance to the King of neighboring Kildare, Ronan settled into a peaceful life until,  on the night of a terrible storm, Ronan and his eldest son argued.  No one knows the reason or what was said, but James rode away and was not heard from again.  Ronan distanced himself from Kildare when the King went mad and the rule of the land fell under the First Knight who was controlled by the Sorceress, Keary.  Mountains and a river kept them from being invaded, though the Duchy was in a constant state of readiness. 

Adam, the second son, was groomed to take over the Duchy, but he had little desire to take his brother's place.  After his two younger brothers, Morgan and Faelan were sent off to Ireland to learn the ways of sailing a ship, Adam slipped away to search for James.  Ronan became ill and the people whispered the illness was sent from Kildare itself.  His closest advisor -- his brother Ultan -- began to take over the Duchy, leaving Ronan as little more than a puppet.    Morgan and Faelan, had led a mutiny against their captain and now had their own ship named the Fianna.  Adam found his two younger brothers and together the three planned. One night, while a winter storm raged, they slipped into the fortress and spirited their sisters, Alannah, Regan and Deirdre away to the realm of Ballicastle.   An angry Ultan sent men to find them but  the siblings eluded them.  Regan managed to talk her two brothers into allowing her to join them on their voyages.  In time, Adam and James found one another and began to bring their family together. 

Morgan, Faelan and Regan found a great treasure in South America but they also found trouble. First they were attacked by a dragon-like creature inside the ruins where the treasure was hidden.  Faelan had been bitten but recovered.   The pirates known as the Unholy Trinity, Doom, Blackbeard and the Stirling Scourge were also seeking that treasure.  They were delighted to find the three and their plans for them were not pleasant.  It was a surprise to the pirates when they were caught off guard by the the Frontier, James's ship, and by the ships of Neale and Adrian Frasier. With only one ship left, the three pirates fled, leaving the three siblings aboard the wounded Fianna.  They were rescued, their gold retrieved and a course set back to Heathfield.  The family was together again. It was time to learn the truth about their father.

Sent into Montrose at the request of James Callihan, Jacob Anderson and Mercy LaCorte went undercover to find out the truth.  What they discovered was the daughter of Ultan, Caoime, was little more than a prisoner herself.  Ronan seemed to be under a dark spell.  When they returned to Heathfield to report, the decision of James and his brothers and sisters came easy. They would free their father.  While Ultan's army faced that of Kildare's,  they rescued Ronan, breaking the hold his brother had over him.  Ultan and his son, Gillean, fled.  Because of his health, Ronan made James Duke. He recovered though he is quite content to allow his brother to rule.  Once again Montrose serves Kildare, helping when Ultan returned to try for a bigger prize, Kildare itself.  Ultan failed once again. The three sea-faring siblings each gained their own ships.  No one knew what became of Gillean who recently returned.  After proving he had no choice but to aid his father, Gillean was given the manor and lands of Swan Lake Estates, left empty after the treachery of it's former Lord.  Montrose once more knows peace even if the lands around them are unsettled.


"Fidus Et Audax"
"Faithful and Bold"